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Jowa manufactures environmentally related equipment for shipping industry, backed by 60 years of proven reliability, our technology is recognized worldwide as pioneers in this field.

Oily Water Treatment

Products of Oily Water Treatment focus on removing oil in water before being discharged in to the nature. The newly certified 15ppm Bilge Water Separator, “JOWA 3 Sep OWS” is approved according to MEPC 107(49). JOWA is also one of the world´s largest supplier of ODME systems.

Water Equipment

The function of JOWA´s Water Equipment is to turn salty seawater into drinkable water. Desalinated water coming from Evaporator or R/O units will be filtrated, mineralised and sterilized in our Fresh Water Units (FWU).
These FWU´s will be customized fabricated in a modular system for each specific shipbuilding series and supplies different types of ships with pressurised warm and cold portable water and technical water.
Afterwars the sewage treatment plans handles the grey and black water.

Analysis and Control Engine System

Environmental aspects are becoming of increasingly importance in Maritime Industry. JOWA faces the challenge by state-of-art units for fuel treatment (MARPOL Annex XI – emission reduction) as well as for sludge and waste oil treatment (MARPOL 73 / 78, Reg. 17 – sludge reduction) by combination of injection and blending systems with JOWA homogenizer.